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Spring into Autumn: Pre-winter dinner and dancing
April Tartan Night

The smiles and laughter (sometimes almost hysterical!) of Johnsonville Club members and their friends and families on Saturday 5 May at our pre-winter event, certainly proved that dancing is a shortcut to happiness!

In costumes of bright spring and autumn colours, we relaxed with mulled wine, fruit punch and nibbles followed by a delicious autumn buffet of hot mains and yummy desserts from Cotti Cafe. Then what fun we had enthusiastically dancing Rod’s lively ‘spring and autumn’ programme including The Maypole Dance which he devised especially for the evening and ringing our bells and swinging our handkerchiefs in the Victorian Style Morris Dance!

Thanks to all our members who came along with friends and family and had such fun dancing on this pre-winter night. The smiles and laughter in the lovely, lively, happy collection of photos show it all. Click here for more about our fun-filled evening and photos 

What a night we had at our first Tartan Night of the year on Monday 16 April!  All had a lot of fun and it was great to see our new dancers doing so well. The hall was full with more than six sets on the floor, including two sets of visitors.

Click here to see more smiles in our great array of photos