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Johnsonville Annual Dance 2017

Our 2017 Annual Dance saw us back in our home hall at Johnsonville school on Saturday 5 August.

It was a much less grand affair than last year’s big celebration of 50 Golden Years of association with the RSCDS, held in Karori Recreation Centre’s splendidly large hall. That didn’t stop this year’s dance being a really fun and laughter-filled night of dance and music.

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Vikings & Celts of Johnsonville: Midwinter fun, feast and frolicking

A mighty mob of roaring Vikings and Celts frolicked through the wilds of Johnsonville on 8 July, seeking hearty sustenance, rip-roaring fun and a dancing adventure through far-off lands!

Mulled wine and nibbles followed by a fine feast set the scene for a night of exhilarating dances from Oslo, Sweden, Greenland and more.

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Tartan Night April 2017

Seven sets took the floor at our first Tartan Night for the season on 10 April!

What a great night, especially with our 15 new dancers (pictured) having lots of fun as they found new friends to dance with among the more experienced club members.

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