St Patrick’s Day 2019 Celebrations

Our newer dancers

Johnsonville dancers were treated to a night of Irish-themed dances and grand tunes on Monday 18 March – only a day late for St Patrick’s Day.

New and not-so-new dancers took up the challenge to ‘wear green for St Patrick’s Day’ and filled the hall with many shades of green and a lot of enthusiasm.

Supper continued the theme with green-coated chocolate, and corn chips and guacamole on offer, thanks to supper co-ordinator Elizabeth Ngan.

Tutor Rod Downey searched out a programme of interesting and fun dances with Irish names or Irish connections, and paired them with thumping good Irish music.

The Goat Fell Gallop got us all laughing as we galloped, then it was on to Rory O’More (thank you Edith for that suggestion), Lady Glasgow, The Wild Geese, City of Belfast, St Patrick’s Day (of course), The Orchards of County Armagh and The Irish Rover to finish.

Wearing green for St Patrick’s Day!

We also danced the ‘world premiere’ of Rod’s newest dance The Coleraine Rant.

It was written for the occasion, as a beginner-friendly dance featuring poussette, and it got the thumbs up. The title gives a nod to Coleraine in Ireland, and New Zealand’s famous Te Mata Coleraine wine. See the dance instructions here

This year more than 20 new dancers have become members of Johnsonville Club. This was a great opportunity to share another aspect of Scottish Country Dancing with them, through the fun atmosphere of a theme night.

For our longer-standing dancers there was the excitement of some novel dances and new and different music. Visitors from Capital City Club added to the occasion, together with a foreign exchange student who bravely took the floor for her first go at Scottish Country Dancing

The bonus for everyone was the experience of trying out a newly devised dance hot off the press. Thank you Rod for delivering a programme which had something for everyone.

See more of Loralee Hyde’s photos of our beginners and St Patrick’s night celebrations 

From Kristin Downey. Originally published in Harbour City Happenings Volume 22 No. 1 March 2019 and Kiwi News Volume 24 No 1 April 2019


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