Mathematics, Computer Science and Scottish Country Dancing

Rod and Kristin with the Rutherford Medal

During an interview with Radio New Zealand following his award of the Rutherford Medal by the the Royal Society Te Apārangi in 2018, Johnsonville Club tutor Rod Downey was asked why, as a mathematician, he was interested in Scottish Country Dancing and why he thinks this form of dancing appeals to people in maths and sciences.

Rod has written a piece as a discussion on these points that simply reflects his experiences and views as a dancer, a teacher, and a deviser. These experiences are all intertwined.

Read his article by clicking Mathematics, Computer Science and SCD Rod Downey April 2019

Rod’s article covers his thoughts on:

  • The SCD experience
  • Music and SCD
  • So what has this got to do with maths?
  • Devising
  • Social dancing
  • The core
  • Novelty
  • There are many ways to like SCD
  • His own dances
  • Teaching dances
  • His novel dances

Rod appreciating the fine efforts of both musicians and dancers at the Johnsonville April 2019 Tartan Night

Find out more details of Rod’s dances and instructions

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