Dancing in Whangarei

Cath was a longtime member of Johnsonville Club from 1998-2012 – President in 2007, 2008 and Acting President for part of 2012. She is third from the left in the back row.

I was in Whangarei in early August, catching up with old friends and family members, and happened to be there on a Thursday, the day on which the Whangarei Scottish Country Dance Club meets in the Onerahi hall.

Two club members kindly picked me up from where I was staying and took me ‘home’ again afterwards.

Quite a few Johnsonville Club members will remember Cath MacAulay, who danced at Johnsonville before she moved to Whangarei. It was great to see her again. Cath dances at both the Whangarei and Kamo (also in Whangarei but meeting on a Tuesday) clubs, and says she recently moved house.

The Whangarei club’s tutor is Fiona Bullivant, who was my tutor at a summer school many years ago, so it was good to see her again too.

And a highlight of the evening was having live music. Twisty Willow (Barbara and Wes Bycroft) play for the club once a month, and I was lucky enough to be there on the right day.

Listen to Twisty Willow’s music here 

From Pat Reesby

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