Wellington Region Summer Dancing 2020

What better way to enjoy our daylight savings hours than to meet with fellow Scottish Country Dancers from all over the Wellington Region at the Old Government Building on Lambton Quay?

Summer dancing at the Old Government Building Photo: Xiaowen Yu

I had previously attended only one of these a couple of years ago. This year I decided to join the enthusiastic group beginning on Tuesday, January 21 for four weeks.

Several other Johnsonville members were there too and it was so good to catch up after spending the Festive Season across the Tasman. It was also an opportunity to meet up with dancers from across the Wellington Region.

The weather was kind to us for the first and final sessions. However, halfway through the second evening, and all of the third, we needed to take advantage of the student common room (which is fortunately available for our use when it rains).

Dancing on grass is so different from our wooden floors so there was quite a variety of footwear, many preferring to dance barefoot!

Nobody cares about the standard of footwork on the different surface. I found it very relaxed, as the dances chosen by the tutor each evening were on the whole good old standards, which have appeared in many programmes.

Liz dancing fourth from the right. Other Johnsonville dancers include John M, Robert, Pat, Désirée and Jeanette.

This is a great way to get our bodies and brains ready for the new club season for just a gold coin donation.

from Liz Hands

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