Wendy Donald: More Scottish Connections

Travels back to Scotland

Wendy Donald has previously told us about some of her Scottish connections regarding Glasgow, Clan Donald and an Anderson Modern tartan sash

She now shares more about her travels back to Scotland. Find out more below.

In 2017, after a rail tour in Portugal and the north of Spain, we took an overnight ferry from Santander, Spain to Portsmouth on England’s south coast. Travelling on by train took us to several parts of England and then to Scotland.

My travel companion wanted to see some of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work, so this time, off Buchanan Street, a large, pleasant, pedestrianised shopping street, down a little lane, I visited The Lighthouse Museum, with its excellent display of some of his work, and other Scottish designers.

The actual building was designed by him, and is billed as the ‘Landmark Rennie Mackintosh-designed exhibition space dedicated to architecture, design and the city’. We visited his Willow Tearooms 1 too, which had moved since my last visit, but was still furnished with his furniture and design work.

In 2019, I was in Scotland again, and thinking that I would like to have a wool stole/wrap, as lighter ones just slipped off unless held tightly, the best place to buy such an item could well be in Glasgow.

The first shop I tried had them in tartan! There was one in Anderson Modern, so that would be perfect for me! The next shop had polar fleece jackets with ‘Scotland’ embroidered, and were without a hood (unlike others I had) so perfect for dancing!

Wendy’s Anderson Modern tartan wool stole/wrap with her Scotland fleece jacket

Altogether with all my visits to the city of her birth, my paternal grandmother would be pleased with me!

Wendy Donald
5 June 2020


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  1. In July 2014, Glasgow businesswoman Celia Sinclair, made it her mission to bring the tea rooms back to life. By September 2018, The Willow Tea Rooms Trust had painstakingly restored the tea rooms with the aim of preserving an important part of Glasgow’s cultural heritage. Read the restoration story here[]