A Live Music July Night 2020

Our Live Music Night and Tartan Night on Monday 13 July was such a lot of fun, with plenty of tartan, lots of happy dancers on the floor and an inviting supper spread.

Set-up and pack-up just happened, with volunteers a-plenty, and there was the usual abundance of club members willing to take the club tablecloths home to wash. It really is a pleasure to be part of such a supportive club.

Special thanks to Rod who brought us (and taught us) a programme that worked for everyone, despite all the disruption of Covid-19.

Lots of fun and laughter dancing Corn Rigs

The band had been ready since the original April date of our planned Tartan Night, and they gave us a fine night’s music – thank you Aileen Logie, Hilary Ferral and Jason Morris.

Jason, Aileen and Hilary gave us fine music on the night

Thanks also to Elizabeth Ngan and her supper helpers, who served us hot drinks and made sure we all enjoyed a super supper break.

The first Tartan Night of the year is always a special one, as it’s the first time the club’s new dancers experience dancing to live music. It was great to see Gill, Isabelle, and Lizzie doing so well and having such a good time. Lovely also to welcome visitors Kair, Lee and Graeme.

Monday was full of firsts – the club’s first dancing event with a live band for 2020, the first time we’ve held a Tartan Night just for club members, and the inaugural gig for this particular band line-up.

Thanks to photographer John Patterson for giving us memories of the night. See more of John’s photos here

Download the Live Music & Tartan Night programme below.

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