Johnsonville & Capital City Joint Annual Dance: 22 August

Join in the fun!

A series of information bulletins aimed at giving our members all the details they needed to enjoy our Annual Dance

Learning the dances
Save the date!

We’re well on the way to being prepared!

30 July

  • Rod’s already taught 10 of the 18 dances on the programme – some once, some twice and one dance three times!
  • We’ve again booked Ngaio Town Hall as our venue, it’s perfect for an annual dance
  • Musicians Lynne Scott, Sharlene Penman and Richard Hardie have been practising hard, and will bring us great music on the night
  • The committee has confirmed that entry is free for Johnsonville members!

Our Premiere Event: Save the date!

17 July

Our annual Saturday night dance on 22 August is a very special occasion. It is our premiere dance event of the year, which we organise for our enjoyment, and that of other dancers throughout the region.

This dance is for all our members, from the very newest to the most experienced. Mark it on your calendar, then come along to club as often as you can over the next few weeks, to practise the dances. They’ll be walked on the night for one couple, but the more you know, the more fun you’ll have.

Download the programme below:

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