28 September 2020: A special club night

Even though it was ‘only’ a club night, Monday night was pretty special. To me it epitomised the best of Scottish Country Dancing.

We were back at Level 1, so everyone could feel free to attend. On top of that there was live music, a great atmosphere, a jolly tutor and a (very) big birthday cake. A celebration indeed.

Despite so much loss of dancing time and cancellation of dancing events this year, we have been really fortunate to have so many nights of live music

This week was to have been another of the newly begun ‘live music at club’ nights with Aileen Logie playing solo. Happily for us, fellow Cranberry Tarts band member Hilary Ferral also decided to join us, bright cranberry-coloured socks and all.

Then it turned out Rod’s maths colleague (and violinist) André Nies, was visiting Wellington for work and he too joined the merry band.

André, Aileen and Hilary playing in the merry band
The Cranberry Tarts – Aileen and Hilary – displaying their cranberry socks!

Rod taught us dances from the upcoming Tawa and New Dancers’ programmes, and we had the bonus of dancing to the music that Aileen, Hilary and Jason Morris will play for both events. What a great way to prepare.

I love the generosity of the Scottish Country Dance community – tutors who encourage musicians and dancers, dancers who support musicians and each other, musicians who give us their music and welcome guest musicians (and in this case even supply a loan violin for the night – thank you Hilary).

So for me it was a perfect night of dance, music, and community, and all of it fun. The icing on the cake so to speak, was Aileen’s contribution of a massive chocolate cake to celebrate her birthday.

Aileen brought along a massive chocolate cake to celebrate her birthday!

Our super supper co-ordinator Elizabeth Ngan made sure there was something for everyone, contributing fresh fruit kebabs.

Elizabeth Ngan organising our super supper
Elizabeth Judge serving out Aileen’s massive birthday cake

Bowling Club President Frankie added that little bit extra to the night, buying Aileen a not-so-wee dram to celebrate. Thanks to all for a night to remember, and to Deborah Shuker for giving André a ride home.

Kristin Downey
1 October 2020

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