Tawa Annual Dance 2020

A welcome return to dance occasions

For much of this past year, the dance calendar has been one long list of cancellations.

Johnsonville Club’s own Annual Dance, in combination with Capital City Club, was first postponed, then cancelled, and there were many more. But Saturday 3 October saw our first dance occasion since the shutdown, with the Tawa Club Annual Dance, and a splendid night it was too.

Some Johnsonville members (and others) enjoying Shiftin’ Bobbins

The numbers present were about right for the hall, filling it without becoming crowded. We must thank MC and Club Tutor Catherine McCutcheon for a programme that had a few challenges, but nothing preposterous, and for some excellent briefing.

She was admirably backed by the musical trio of Aileen Logie, Hilary Ferral and Jason Morris, and we were set for a good night’s dancing.

Which we had.

The MC and the band – Jason Morris, Aileen Logie and Hilary Ferral (who you can see at the right on the screen of Catherine’s phone)

I might note that, had there been enough people to do true justice to the vast supper provided, the hall would have been too packed for dancing. But there was enough for all, including for people with dietary restrictions, and I am sure the leftovers found good homes later.

Laden supper tables

Johnsonville Club was well represented, and pay no attention to the murmuring about some people belonging to both Johnsonville and Tawa. They are our members.

Because of a dodgy ankle, my wife Aline can do very little dancing these days. So instead, she took videos of the dancing. See us all enjoying the dance.

Wild Mountain Thyme
The Button Boy
Beach Dancer

Thanks also to Pat Reesby who took these videos.

Shiftin’ Bobbins
The Golden Years

John Homes
8 October 2020

Photos: John Patterson

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