A relaxing 2020 Christmas lunch

How fortunate we are to be able to gather together in this year of Covid. Unlike much of the rest of the world, most of our lives are now relatively normal and we can enjoy getting together to dance and to socialise.

Thirteen club members took advantage of that freedom to gather at Café Thyme on 10 December for a relaxing couple of hours chatting over coffee, lunch or a snack – the muffins are a meal in themselves as Mandy found out.

We always keep our Christmas lunch casual, people can come when it suits and leave when they need to. Meeting during the working week, and at the busy end of the year limits the numbers, but those of us who can make it always have a good time.

Many of us are Christmas lunch regulars – Aline and John, Joan, John M, Liz H, Loralee and Mandy, with Sandra coming along for the first time last year. This year some of our newly retired club members could also take part – Charles, Fiona and Bruce, and Maura. It was also lovely to have Kate join us for the first time.

Café Thyme doesn’t take bookings, so we need to arrive early to occupy tables as they become empty. Thanks to Bruce, Fiona and Liz who joined me in spreading ourselves around, and claiming enough table space for us all. Commiserations to Wendy who had planned to be amongst the early-birds, but had to cancel altogether.

Our Christmas lunch usually takes place a little earlier, in the first week of December before the ‘silly season’ really moves into overdrive. This year circumstances dictated a later date, and meant we couldn’t give club members much notice. My apologies.

Look out for an earlier notification of the date next year, and come along if you can. It’s always fun to find out a bit more about your fellow dancers over a relaxing lunch. If we’re lucky, the weather might even be good enough to sit outside in the sunshine.

Take a closer look at the happy faces in Loralee’s lovely photos

Kristin Downey
14 December 2020

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