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Wellington Region Anzac Weekend 1994

Scottish Country Dancing demonstration from 1994 Anzac School, Wellington, in Onslow College. The dances are Argyll Strathspey, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, and The Rose of Glamis.

Rod Downey dancing with Loralee Hyde and Kristin Downey with Chris Kelly. The entry and exit routines were devised by Noeline O’Connor.

The music is provided by Peter Elmes, John Smith, and Merren Simmonds.

Cane Toad Jig (2) & Loralee Hyde

Danced in 1994 at Tawa. Watching Iain Boyd and Noeline O’Connor dance together in the Cane Toad Jig is a joy with their lovely covering. Music by Peter Elmes.

Reel of the 51st, The

Men’s demonstration from 1998 Anzac School Ceilidh in Wellington.

Musicians are John Smith and Peter Elmes. The MC was Marjorie Crawford.

Cane Toad Jig

The first time this was danced, by a small group in 1994 in Tawa.

Devised by Rod Downey. See the Cane Toad Collection