Dancers love good music, and there’s nothing that lifts our spirits more than a band on song, and music that lifts the roof off and sets our feet dancing. Here we celebrate our Scottish Country Dance music and musicians.

Celebrating music at Johnsonville (2018)
Peter Elmes: His contribution to dancing
“Live” music at Johnsonville: A history (2016)
Photo history of our musicians from 1999

Peter Elmes played a very special role in the musical history of Johnsonville Club. From at least 1984, Peter Elmes “and His Band” (in early years) or “and Associates” (in later years) played for the club’s annual dances and tartan nights.

Peter and other musicians continued to lighten our hearts, and liven our feet with their music during 2018. See more here

Peter Elmes: His contribution to dancing

In November 2018, we recognised the massive contribution Peter Elmes made to Scottish Country Dancing through his music, as he retired from playing his beloved button accordion.

Click here for more about our farewells to Peter and see photos of the the joy and delight he brought to many, many nights of dancing

“Live” music at Johnsonville: A history (2016)

2001 Johnsonville Jewel Annual Dance – Iain Matcham, Lynne Scott, Carlton Downey, Hamish Cook, John Smith and Peter Elmes

Johnsonville’s 2016 celebration of 50 Golden Years was an opportunity to recognise the special role of the musicians who’ve played for us. We appreciate them all – club members who share their musical talents with us, young musicians who have been encouraged to grow their skills playing with the band, and the bands who play for us at tartan nights and annual dances.

Click here for more about the history of live music at Johnsonville

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