Johnsonville & Island Bay Joint Annual Dance 2018

The joy of Cadgers in the Canongate!

What a great evening we had at our first joint Annual Dance with Island Bay Club on Saturday 11 August at Ngaio Town Hall, with eight sets of happy dancers taking to the floor.

Months of planning by Johnsonville President Kristin Downey and a joint committee of Johnsonville and Island Bay club members brought about a superbly organised evening filled with fun and laughter. We welcomed dancers from across the Region including RSCDS New Zealand Branch President Elaine Laidlaw and former Johnsonville Club Secretary John Munro from the Wairarapa.

The many members from both clubs who helped set up the hall made it a cheerful and colourful affair with the Johnsonville tartan bunting and Island Bay banners adorning the walls along with bright programme posters (which had a tartan border that reflected the logo colours of both clubs). Tartan rugs set off the stage along with beautiful floral arrangements again created by Aline Homes.

Speaking on behalf of both clubs including Island Bay President Elaine Lethbridge, Kristin commented that the joint committee and members working together to set up the hall gave a great opportunity for all to intermingle and get to know each other better, making the evening an enjoyable and relaxed occasion.

Kristin thanked Johnsonville tutor Rod Downey and Island Bay tutor Jeanette Watson for also working hard together on the well-balanced programme and for their shared briefings of the dances that catered for all – from easier dances for newer dancers to the more challenging including the ever-popular Cadgers in the Canongate.

This year, we were thrilled to dance to the inspiring music of Strings Attached – Lynne Scott, Richard Hardie, Sharlene Penman and Heather Elder with André Nies from Auckland joining the group. We enjoyed the additional depth the extra strings added to the sets of tunes.

Many others contributed to the success of the evening including Allison Kay looking after the finances, Elizabeth Ngan and her supper team and Loralee Hyde for promotional work and photography. See Loralee’s photos here

We appreciate everyone’s contribution including all those dancers from other clubs who joined us to make it a special night. Thank you to all.

Download the Johnsonville & Island Bay Annual Dance 2018 Programme

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