Halloween Samhain 2018

This year’s Samhain evening of fun dances was filled with witch’s hats, capes and devil’s horns, spiders, cobwebs, orange and black and ghostly grey outfits. Happiness abounded!

Rod’s entertaining Halloween-themed dance programme included:
The Witches Reel
Samhain Magic
Slytherin House
Ferla Mor
The Kitchen Faerie
Ellwyn’s Fairy Glen
Tam o’ Shanter

The Club AGM was also held on 5 November. This is our opportunity to formally acknowledge the many contributions that club members make. This year we thanked Joan and Fiona who are stepping down from the supper team, Emma and Janet who are stepping down as general committee members and Elizabeth who continues to serve as supper convenor.

Thanks to John Patterson for his great photos of this fun-filled night. Click here to view the photos

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