Summer on the Neckar

Kristin in April 2017 on the cycle track along the Neckar with Heidelberg Castle beyond

Devised on 9 August 2017 by Rod Downey, Summer on the Neckar is dedicated to the Scottish Country Dancing group in Heidelberg, who Rod and Kristin danced with many times in 2017 and 2018.

Heidelberg lies on the beautiful Neckar River and is a remarkably nice place to be over the summer.

Rod in May 2017 enjoying currywurst at Gekcos Red Garden Restaurant

Rod and Kristin have lots of very fond memories with ice cream, cycling and biergartens high on this list as well as dancing, of course.

Download the instructions to Summer on the Neckar

Summer on the Neckar is in Rod’s Johnsonville Collection

The Second Canberra Book of Scottish Country Dances

Canberra Club ran a competition in 2018 inviting people to submit dances they had devised. Rod made the short list of eight with his dance Summer on the Neckar.

Canberra Club has published a book of dances including Summer on the Neckar.

See more about The Second Canberra Book of Scottish Country Dances and download a digital copy

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