Changing times at Johnsonville

It’s interesting to note changes at a number of clubs in the Wellington Region this year – of either venue or tutor. Johnsonville is one of these clubs.

With carpet being laid in Johnsonville School Hall at the end of last year, we had to find a new club venue at short notice. We were fortunate that Johnsonville Bowling Club welcomed us, and has continued to do everything they can to make us feel at home.

Our Summer Ceilidh on 25 January gave new members a preview of the Bowling Club, then we moved in properly for beginners’ classes starting in February.

Dancing The Texas Progressive Threesome at our Summer Ceilidh at the Johnsonville Bowling Club

See more about the fun we had at our Ceilidh 2020 and photos here

It’s taken us a few weeks to adapt to our new space, but we’re now well settled in and our furniture moving techniques are vastly improved!

Who would have thought that simple things would exercise our minds for weeks – like which size table to use for supper, where to put our door money, how to arrange the seating etc etc.

We’ve also learnt how to keep our sets contained and our lines straight – something we never seemed to manage at Johnsonville!

Kristin Downey, President
17 March 2020

Originally published in RSCDS Wellington Region Harbour City Happenings Volume 23 No. 1 March 2020

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