Celebrating St Patrick’s day 2021

St Patrick would have been proud

Dancers did a great job of wearing green for St Patrick and the Emerald Isle on Monday 15 March. Every shade of green was on show, and if you looked closely, there were shamrocks and celtic knots and symbols to be found on T-shirts, socks and silver.

Wearing green and having lots of fun while dancing A Trip to Ireland

Rod’s programme inspired great music from musician Aileen Logie, and we definitely had a night of ‘fun, fitness and friendship’, with a few challenges thrown in!

Aileen played wonderful sets of tunes for us to dance to, including The Reconciliation, a different tune to play

We began with A Trip to Ireland, then two RSCDS dances The Wild Geese (referencing Irish soldiers) and City of Belfast, as well as Rod’s dance The Coleraine Rant which premiered at the club’s 2019 St Patrick’s day celebration. It honours both the New Zealand wine, and the Irish county of the same name.

In the middle of the first half, we were lucky enough to dance the world premiere of The Parting Glass, newly devised by Rod for 2021’s St Patrick’s Day. It is a dance for everyone, with no difficult formations or footwork, and is named for the wonderful old song tune claimed by both Ireland and Scotland.

Dancing the World Premiere of Rod’s dance, The Parting Glass!

With five dances under the belt, we were ready for supper. Elizabeth Ngan offered a very inviting display of green-themed goodies, with green eggs, popcorn, chuppa chups and feijoas (she always includes something healthy). There were green serviettes and Irish place mats, and Liz Hands served us freshly-baked green cookies with white chocolate, just the thing to give tired minds a boost.

Back on the floor, it was time for the experienced to try out Rory O’More, amid a few tussles with arches and under-the-arm movements. Having fun is what it’s all about, and there was a lot of laughter with this one!

Seeking Irish-themed dances for St Patrick’s Day, Rod came across the jig Paddy in the Car, and strathspey The Orchards of County Armagh. Theywere both new to us, but really enjoyable, and I’m sure dancers would be happy to see them again on another programme.

We finished the night with old favourite The Irish Rover,for those who knew it. A fine finish to a very good night.

This was our first special club night in our new home at Khandallah Town Hall. It was also our first live music night for 2021. It was a beauty, may there be many more like it to come.

See more of this green-themed evening’s fun and laughter in Loralee Hyde’s photos

from Kristin Downey
18 March 2021

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