Return to Khandallah: October 2021

Four sets of Johnsonville dancers and some most welcome guests from other clubs enjoyed dancing at Khandallah Town Hall on 18 October; the first time our club venue was available for dancing since New Zealand moved to Covid Level 4 restrictions on 19 August.

It was serendipitous the club had arranged for live music on this date from Aileen Logie, Jason Morris and Hilary Ferral! Having them on the stage set the scene for a wonderful evening of dancing.

Dancing Maxwell’s Rant to music from Jason, Aileen and Hilary

The first part of Rod’s programme focused on reels of three on opposite side and reels of three on own side in dances including Maxwell’s Rant, Balquidder Strathspey and one he devised called The Lass and the Laird (influenced by Jack McConachie’s dance The Laird and the Lass) from Rod’s collection They Stole My Wife from Me Last Night.

We practiced turning corners and partner along with ‘setting as in The Montgomeries’ Rant’ in the strathspey Bridge of Nairn before successfully tackling The Montgomeries’ Rant in reel time.

The Montgomeries’ Rant

The final dance of the evening was also one of Rod’s—Peter Elmes’ Strathspey which he devised for musician Peter Elmes. This 32 bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 3 couple set, is published in the Wellington Region 60th Anniversary Book. The recommended tune is The Anzac Strathspey by Peter Elmes; Aileen has devised a lovely music set for the dance.

Peter Elmes Strathspey
Aileen’s music set for Peter Elmes Strathspey

Rod had not seen Peter Elmes’ Strathspey danced before. Two sets danced it beautifully to the marvellous music from the band, a fitting finale to this marvellous club night.

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Watch Pat Reesby’s video of The Lass and the Laird

Loralee Hyde
20 October 2021

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