A Fine Night of Dancing at our first Tartan Night for 2022

We had a great night’s dancing on Monday 11 April, with plenty of tartan on display – rugs and banners round the walls and ties, sashes, skirts and kilts on the dancers. Even our newest dancers turned up in tartan, a mighty effort.

It was amazing how quickly the Khandallah Town Hall was transformed into a Scottish venue for the night by all the willing helpers with drawing pins and Blu-tack. We were a bit short on ladders, so new dancer Ian was in great demand, his height being very helpful with pinning up the tartan rugs!

Saltires and a banner with Scottish lion rampant provided a great backdrop for our tartan-clad band, Aileen Logie, Hilary Ferral and Jason Morris.

Jason, Aileen and Hilary with a physically-distanced Rod at the right surveying the floor. Photo: Pat Reesby

Time (and lack of ladders) meant only a little of the club’s tartan bunting was on display, but it added to the atmosphere, perched cheerily on the balcony above.

The Club’s bunting high up on the balcony. Photo: John Homes

There were several firsts for 2022, our first Tartan Night of the year, our first night with a band on stage and Rod’s first night back after suffering with a Covid infection. We hope that Kristin will be with us again before too long.

Other firsts included Rod as ‘masked man’ briefing through his Covid mask, a great feat involving juggling both the headset and his mask. At one point the headset ended up under the mask, but he got it all sorted out.

Rod managing both his mask and the headset while briefing a dance. Photo: Robert Vale

In an ‘abundance of caution’ Rod confined himself to the stage all night. Thanks to teacher-in-training Maureen Sullivan, for taking the warm-up. And to those who made sure Rod didn’t miss out on supper goodies, handing up plenty of delectable tidbits along with his cup of tea at supper time.

Maureen leading the warmup. Photo: John Homes

Rod had taught us all the dances on club nights but it’s definitely a different experience to do a dance after a single walk-through, congratulations to our new dancers who all went really well. The club’s experienced dancers were happy to give them a helping hand when needed.

Enjoying the first dance, Bev’s Delight. Photo: John Homes
Dancing six hands round and back in the Birks of Invermay. Photo: Robert Vale

We were definitely ready for tea after the first six dances, thanks go to everyone who provided such a tempting spread. There were even rumours of fish and chips, but when the package was unwrapped it was full of delicious deep fried dumplings – a very tasty supper surprise.

Supper Co-ordinator Elizabeth Ngan presenting the most-welcome supper. Photo: John Homes
A supper for all to enjoy. Photo: Robert Vale

Back on the floor after supper, everyone continued having fun (despite the challenges of Corstorphine Fair), and lots of people stayed to the end and helped with the packing up. Another fine night of dancing.

New dancers Ian and Janet joining in the fine night of dancing. Photo: Robert Vale

Kristin Downey and Robert Vale
14 April 2022

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