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Johnsonville Scottish Country Dance Club – Wellington

We welcome all to the fun, fitness and friendship of social dancing on Monday evenings February – November at 7.30pm.

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Our People

Tutor: Rod Downey
President: Kristin Downey
Secretary: Robert Vale
Treasurer: Allison Kay
Charles Burden
John Homes (Newsletter Editor)
John Markham
Maureen Sullivan
Supper Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Ngan
Supper Team:
Alan O’Brien
Charles Burden
Elizabeth Judge
Elizabeth Ngan
Isabelle Joseph
John Markham
Liz Hands

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Life Members

2019: Rod and Kristin Downey
2011: John and Aline Holmes
1985: Eric and Isla Norris

Club Service Awards: To members in recognition of service

2020: Elizabeth Ngan, The Newsletter Team – Loralee Hyde, John Homes, Robert Vale, Rod Downey, Kristin Downey
2019: Elaine Rowse, Allison Kay, Maureen Sullivan, Nancy Tay
2018: Joan Clayton, Fiona Pocock, Emma Wilkins, Janet McFadden, Elizabeth Ngan
2017: John Patterson, Prisilla Conroy, John Munro

About Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a very social form of dancing danced in ‘sets’ usually with four ‘couples’ – unlike Highland Dancing which is usually solo dancing.

Scottish dress is not required to attend clubs, dances or balls and you don’t need a partner to join a dance club.

The RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc is an autonomous local association of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.  It aims to:

  • Preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish Country Dances and modern dances in traditional style
  • Provide or assist in providing instruction in the dancing of Scottish Country Dances
  • Promote the enjoyment and appreciation of Scottish Country Dancing and music.

Useful links about Scottish Country Dancing

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