Johnsonville Scottish Country Dance Club welcomes visitors including past members and dancers from around New Zealand and overseas to our Monday evening social dancing from March – November at 7.30pm.

See more about the Club and the venue here If you have any queries please phone Kristin/Rod on 04 478 4948 or email the Club at Contact Us

Jane Davidson

On 11 November 2019, we welcomed Welsh dancer Jane Davidson. Jane dances at two clubs in Wales, with her primary one being St Andrew’s at Swansea

She told us she was enjoying a delayed OE, having missed out when she was younger – what a lovely idea. Jane was in Wellington for 10 days or so, and taking advantage of dancing opportunities whilst in the region.

Maureen and Bill Jacob 2019

We welcomed long-time Scottish country dancers Maureen and Bill Jacob from Tauranga Club on 1 April 2019 while they were in Wellington for a flying visit.

Find out more about the evening

Hisako and Ian Ewing 2019

We welcomed Hisako and Ian Ewing to Club on 18 January 2019. They were visiting Wellington to meet their new grandchild.

See more here

Hisako and Ian Ewing 2018

Hisako and Ian Ewing who were in Wellington visiting family came to Club on 20 August 2018. They were Johnsonville members in 2005-06, before moving to Australia.

Find out more about this photo taken in 2005, where Hisako is at the far right of the set.

Nelson Stewart and June Skinner 2018

On 12 March 2018, we welcomed visitors Nelson Stewart and June Skinner from Denton Celtic Dancers, Denton, Texas.

They were here on a visit to their Wellington-based daughter and her partner.

See more about their visit to Club and photos

Graeme Plank 2017

We welcomed Graeme Plank, one of two tutors at the Tam O’Shanter Club in Christchurch, on 6 March 2017.

It was a catch-up opportunity for Emma and Kate who both stooged for Graeme at the 2016 Christchurch Summer School.

Find out more about Graeme’s visit

Marion and Clive Warren-Smith 2017

On 20 February 2017, President Kristin Downey welcomed Marion and Clive Warren-Smith who belong to the RSCDS Bristol Branch and the International Branch.

They dance in several groups, including running a beginners class in Cheddar (as of cheese, and Gorge fame).  See more about their visit and photos

Hogmanay 2016 visitors

At the Wellington Region Hogmanay on 31 December 2016, we were thrilled that former Johnsonville dancers could join us for the evening – Selwyn Ng and Joanne Ang (Treasurer 2009) along with their five-year old daughter Yee Hsuen from Singapore, and Yu Hayakawa from Japan (Treasurer 2001-2002).

See more about our Hogmanay visitors

Former Club Treasurers – Yu and Jenny 2016

At our 2016 Final Night, President Kristin Downey (centre) welcomed two former Club Treasurers, Yu Hayakawa from Tokyo (Treasurer 2001-2002) and Jenny Vaughan (Freeman) from San Francisco Bay (Treasurer 1993-1994).

Find out more about the evening

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