Désirée Patterson

Devised by Rod Downey in honour of Désirée Patterson’s 70th birthday on Monday 14 August 2017. Download Rod’s dance Désirée Patterson

Désirée has been Secretary for the Johnsonville Club, and is a long serving member. She and her husband John (pictured) are super cyclists and have a longstanding blog. Being of Dutch descent, the cycling is part of her DNA.

The Hello and Goodbye figure is from Rod’s Cane Toad Collection, especially the dance called The Three Oaks.

Recommended music is ‘Centenary Square’ by Chris Drewhurst, and a good recording is the Society’s recording of The Library at Birmingham from Book 49.

Pictured: Emma, Sylvia and Désirée on 14 August 2017. Photos: Pat Reesby.

Watch the ‘world premiere’ of Désirée Patterson danced at Johnsonville Club on 14 August 2017 (taught by Rod as the last dance of the night in 10 minutes so there was some understandable confusion). Video courtesy of Pat Reesby and John Patterson.

See photos of Désirée’s 70th birthday here

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