Member Profiles

Johnsonville Club Member Profiles

As part of our 50 Golden Years celebration in 2016, we asked our members to write about how/when/where/why Scottish country dancing at Johnsonville Club plays a part in their lives.

This snapshot of the Club will become part of our historical record for the club in the future.

Current and past members are very welcome to contribute at any time.

Download the Johnsonville_Member_Profile_2016_template (Word) to complete

Life Members

John Homes


Rod Downey 1996-Present


Kristin Downey 2009-Present
Loralee Hyde 1998-2000


Desiree Patterson 2009-2012
Robert Vale 2019-Present


Allison Kay 2013-Present

Committee Members

Charles Burden 2018-Present
Maureen Sullivan 2016-Present

Supper Team

Anne Henderson 2021
Anne Holmstead 2021
Elizabeth Judge 2020-Present
Elizabeth Ngan 2004-Present
Isabelle Joseph 2021
Liz Hands 2018-Present
Maura Beattie 2021
Moira Broughton 2021

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