Dance Library

A selection of dances devised by club members or for club members or about activities relating to the club or members. More dances will be added in due course …

Tairāwhiti WeddingDevised by Rod Downey on 20 March 2022. Tairāwhiti Wedding commemorates Rod and Kristin’s younger …Dances, Rod Downey, S32
Bunting Bee, TheDevised by Rod Downey on 29 March 2014 as a teaching dance for grand chain. …Dances, Rod Downey, S32
StargazersDevised by Rod Downey in May 2007 for Aline and John Homes, long time Johnsonville …Dances, Rod Downey, S32
Kitchen Faerie, TheDevised by Rod Downey on 3 April 2016, this dance is dedicated to Elizabeth Ngan, …Dances, J32, Rod Downey
Spring Chick Waltz MixerA (simple) 16 bar waltz sequence suitable for beginning a ceilidh style night devised by …Ceilidh, Dances, Rod Downey
Pieces of EightDevised by Rod Downey on 4 March 2020 as a relatively simple fugal dance with …Dances, J32, Rod Downey
John Markham’s RantDevised by Rod Downey on 26 April 2020 for John Markham, a longstanding member of …Dances, R32, Rod Downey
Great Teddy Bear Hunt, TheDevised by Rod Downey in March 2020 when he was inspired by the teddy bears in …Dances, J32, Rod Downey
One For AllDevised by Rod Downey on 21 September 2018 as a simple teaching dance for corners …Dances, R32, Rod Downey
Coleraine Rant, TheDevised by Rod Downey in March 2019 for an Irish-themed St Patrick’s night, The Coleraine …Dances, R32, Rod Downey
Summer on the NeckarDevised on 9 August 2017 by Rod Downey, Summer on the Neckar is dedicated to …Dances, R48, Rod Downey
Maypole Dance, TheThis 96 bar ceilidh-style dance in a square set was devised by Rod Downey for …Ceilidh, Dances, Rod Downey
My Golden BearDevised by Rod Downey on 5 August 2016 for his wife Kristin, his bear, for …Dances, J32, Rod Downey
Désirée PattersonDevised by Rod Downey in honour of Désirée Patterson’s 70th birthday on Monday 14 August 2017. …Dances, Rod Downey, S40
Eighty EightDevised by Rod Downey in February 2006 as a teaching dance to teach figures of …Dances, Rod Downey, S32
ViolynneDevised by Rod Downey in January 2004 as a teaching dance for the beginners class …Dances, R32, Rod Downey
Lady in Pink, TheDevised by Rod Downey in 2002 for Yu Hayakawa (Club Treasurer 2001-2002) who loves to …Dances, J32, Rod Downey
Trip to Pukerangi, A(R4x48) Devised by Loralee Hyde and Maureen Robson during the Dunedin Summer School 1992/1993 on a …Dances, Loralee Hyde, R48
Johnsonville Diamond, TheDevised by Rod Downey and danced at the Johnsonville 50 Golden Years Celebration on 20 August …Dances, Rod Downey, S32
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