Send Her Victorious: Memories of Queen Elizabeth II

On club night on Monday 12 September we danced Send Her Victorious, a beautiful dance devised by Wouter Joubert of the Pretoria Branch in July 2012, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

As Patron of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society for more than 75 years, the Queen has many dances named in her honour, celebrating royal events, places, people, and even her love for her corgis! Scottish Country Dancers will continue to be reminded of her through these dances if in no other way.

Queen Elizabeth dancing with Sir Iain Moncrieffe at the Golden Jubilee Ball in 1973 Photo: RSCDS

For those of a certain age, Send Her Victorious is more than the name of a dance. These well-known words come from the British National Anthem, sung throughout the Commonwealth in years gone by.

Additionally, quite a few of our members are British, others have lived in the UK, and it’s surprising how many of us have been caught up in royal celebrations, parades or visits in countries across the world.

Some of our club members bring us their memories of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, sharing their varied experiences and connections in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Enjoy recollections from our members:

Allison Kay: Daughter Caroline Presents the Queen with a Posy

Kristin Downey: Memories of Childhood and a Jubilee Quilt

Loralee Hyde: A Garden Reception at Government House and a Kōkako Poster Competition

Pat Reesby: The only female Photographer/reporter at the Queen’s visit to Taupō Swamp in Plimmerton and the Royal New Zealand Police College

Robert Vale: The Coronation ‘flypast’, a Sussex visit, and later Sandringham House

Other memories

If anyone else has memories of the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh to share, please email me your recollections, and any photos you may have

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Kristin Downey
15 September 2022

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