2022 Christmas: Lunch in the sun

Wellington turned on exceptional weather for the club’s 2022 Christmas lunch at Café Thyme on 14 December, and nineteen of us lingered over lunch with the last of us leaving after 3pm!

For the first time since the 2017 Christmas Lunch, we were able to sit outside and enjoy lunch in the open air. Sunhats were the order of the day, and we appropriated two concrete-based sun umbrellas from the other side of the outdoor courtyard – with the help of a burly bystander.

Lots of chatter at our Christmas lunch in the sun

The event was not untouched by Covid. Some of our members were unable to attend due to either having covid, or their family members being affected. The café too was impacted, with both chefs out of action.

I received a text early in the morning to say menu offerings would be limited by lack of kitchen staff. Nevertheless, café workers rallied around and we all had plenty of choice from the ‘starred’ menu options. Many thanks to owner Jackie, and her staff for their fantastic efforts under difficult conditions.

Best dressed for Christmas was Deborah S, with her red and green tartan bow and bauble-earrings, but Mandy’s sparkly sandals came in a close second. There were lots of colourful summer dresses, and a smattering of red and green, while I completely forgot to dress to theme, and my collection of Santa brooches will have to wait till next year for their annual outing.

It was a pleasure to have the time to sit and chat off the dance floor, and learn more about each other. As one of our committee members commented at a recent meeting, “I’m in favour of any opportunity to socialise with fellow club members”, and socialise we did!

Thanks to all the early-birds (David, Liz H, Liz R, Maura and Veronica) who came along to help colonise our tables, and repel occasional attempted boarders. Nice to see two of this year’s new dancers joining us, as well as many of the ‘old hands’.

In fact, all of our longest-standing members from the 1980s were there – Aline and John H, John M, and Liz R. Plus two from the early 90s – Loralee and Kristin. Rod, still a worker for a little longer (despite recently joining the Gold Card club), was the only one who couldn’t be there.

Club photographer Loralee was once again in action recording our happy memories and smiling faces. Click the gallery below to view her colourful photos of this year’s relaxing Christmas lunch.

Kristin Downey
18 December 2022

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